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Completion of the following form authorizes Travelers Holdings Ltd. to establish your entity according to the instructions provided. Upon receipt, this constitutes the entire understanding and agreement between you and Travelers Holdings Ltd. for services to be rendered. Please complete the applicable SECTIONS for the services desired.

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SECTION I: Bahamas IBC Incorporation

Total Fee: $1,250.00

Travelers Trust Program

Total Fee: $5,000.00

The following services are included with an IBC Formation:

Indicate three choices for your Corporate Name, in order of preference. When filing multiple IBCs, please attach an additional page with name requests.

First Choice

Second Choice

Third Choice


The number of shares and the par value the corporation is authorized to issue.

**5,000 shares with par value $1.00 - higher fee for increased capitalization

Number of shares with par value

Par value

Number of shares without par value

Distribution of Certificates:

Names and distribution number are required if Registered is selected:

Shares are to be held at our Nassau facility at no charge.

Shareholder ledger may be kept at its registered office.

SECTION II: Nominee Director Services/Board of Directors

Board of Directors' names and titles (one name required) or you may select Nominee Director Services if desired.

Nominee Director Services

Total Fee: $500.00




SECTION III: Bahamas Corporate Account

Total Fee: $650.00

Minimum deposit $1,000 (requires a passport and bank letter of reference).

One typically operates a Corporate Account through wire transfers. Routing instructions and a sample format will be provided upon establishment of the Corporate Account. While a Corporate Account check book is available, it is inconvenient to draw funds outside of the Bahamas (as any foreign account would be). However, if you desire a checking account, one can be made available with a minimum deposit of $5,000.00. Please indicate your preference:

Corporate Account check book requested Yes No
If yes, IBC name to appear on the check book? Yes No

Authorized signees on Corporate Checking Account: If Nominee Director Service is requested, write in "Nominee".




Corporate Checking Account Requirements

SECTION IV: Offshore Services


In the Bahamas, annual office facilities at:

Management International Building
East Bay Street
P.O. N-8198
Nassau, Bahamas
Telephone: (702) 732-9262
Facsimile: (702) 732-4415

Basic Identity Service

Total Fee: $595.00

Full Identity Service: Available upon request, terms dependent upon service desired.


The following combination of services are designed for your convenience; all services are inclusive of the Incorporation Services, Resident Agent, Shipping and Handling, and Filing Fees.

Nevada Incorporation and Bahamas IBC Package      Total Fee: $2,445.00

Includes the following:

Domestic Incorporation
Domestic Corporate Account
Bahamas Incorporation
Bahamas Corporate Account
$400 (Does not include opening balance; minimum $500)
$450 (Does not include opening balance; minimum $1000)

LLC or Ltd. Partnership and Bahamas Package     Total Fee: $2,600.00

Includes the following:

LLC Organization
Domestic Company Account
Bahamas Incorporation
Bahamas Corporate Account
$400 (Does not include opening balance; minimum $500)
$450 (Does not include opening balance; minimum $1000)

SECTION VI: Miscellaneous

Corporate Credit Card (MasterCard) Secured               Total Fee: $100.00

Nominee Director                                                             Annual Fee: $500.00

Apostille                                                                             Total Fee: $100.00

Overseas Shipping and Handling                                      Total Fee: $100.00
If requested for special delivery outside the US and Canada

Accounting and Tax Planning Information Requested

Special Services Requested:

SECTION VII: Acceptance

I hereby accept Travelers Holdings Ltd. as the Resident Agent.


In the event of electronic process, a typed signature will be considered an original.


SECTION VIII: Client Information


First Name: Last Name:
Home Address
City: State or Province:
Zip or Postal Code: Country:
Telephone No: Fax No:


Business Name: Business Address:
City: State or Province:
Zip or Postal Code: Country:
Telephone No: Fax No:

E-mail address:

Additional Person(s) contact information:

Special Requests:

Please fill in the total amount of services selected and the desired method of payment below:


Type of PaymentCredit Card N.Exp



Signature__________________________________________ Date________________


  Please print out this page and fax it to (702) 732-4415.  

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